Classic football matches and season reviews on DVD
Classic football matches and season reviews on DVD is dedicated to keeping old football matches and season review videos alive.

There is no intention to infringe copyright - only to maintain availibility of footage that clubs and TV companies seemingly have little interest in distributing. Almost all have been transferred from VHS to DVD.

I prefer to trade for old footage I don't have on a 1 DVD to 1 DVD basis. I always use good quality media and would appreciate the same in return.

Latest site news: December 2017

I've decided to put the site on hold until the new year. It's a busy time of year anyway but I've been struggling for a few weeks with broken equipment and I'm also moving house. Thanks to everyone who has supported the site in 2017 - it is very much appreciated. I will be back - hopefully after Santa has bought me a new computer!

Wish everyone a very Merry Xmas and a great 2018!

If you have any VHS tapes, official or recorded from TV then get in touch. I'll convert them for free, in lieu of me keeping a copy, and send them back if required.

If you don't receive a response within one week please send a chase to

Guide to Video Quality

Each match will show a video quality rating out of five. These are not 100% accurate but care has been taken to try.

= Poor. Will be watchable but dubbed from a poor source tape.
= Average. Either dubbed from low quality VHS or recorded at low bitrate (not by me!). Maybe OK picture but poor sound.
= Quite Good. A VHS transfer that is just a little lacking in quality.
= Good. A good VHS transfer where the DVD resembles the original.
= Better than Good! A VHS transfer from a good source recorded by me.
= Very Good. A rip direct from the TV at a good bit-rate (i.e. SP) or an original DVD.
= Excellent. A recording from a TV companies' master copy or from HD TV.

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Classic football matches and season reviews on DVD